Saturday, 3 October 2015

@BillyBoi & @StrategyKi - Stay With Me (Music Video) @Delahayetv

This is the official video for "Stay With Me" by #KIPGANG members Billy Boi & Strategy Ki taken from the forthcoming release You Don't Know The Half Of It Volume 2

Produced by Blackout

Filmed and edited by True Mobster


Dont forget to lock into the legendary Empire LDN tomorrow for DJ Big Beatz show as he has both Billy Boi & Strategy Ki on for an exclusive interview and set as well as premiering some new tracks!

@3FacesOfDeath - Law of III (Volume 2)(Out Now!)

You may remember my review back in August of the first installment in this 3 part project (If not click HERE) and after a bit of breathing space, hiphop outfit 3 Faces Of Death has just released Volume 2!

This collective of talented and experienced local artists an producers are well know in the Reading/Oxford area for their precise content and venomous sound and this is only confirmed by the caliber of their releases. On this volume they bring in features from Mikey T and Deeq among their usual "Truth and juice" style music. I say Truth & Juice because as much as you can party and bump their music, its also full of very concise and influential content within the lyricism.

If you like your hiphop with clout then this is a release for you!

@Eyez_Uk @OfficialMystic @DubzySnazz @Badz_Crudded & More - Crib Sessions

Now a lot of you may not be too familiar with the Derby music scene but let me tell you that this Crib Sessions hosts a good chunk of its talent. Mobo nominated Eyez graced the building along with Rekz, Lz, JNR, Dubzy, Mystic & Badz for this absolute fucking shut down!

@DXTTYDVG - OHOB EP (Showreel)

Heres the showreel for a brand new release from Wolverhampton based producer Dutty Dog. You can catch 4 grime instrumentals and 1 rap instrumental on the "One House Of Beats" EP which is dropping as a free download via ourselves on the 1st of November!

@Bilzar90 - The Purge (Dialect Diss)(Music Video)

After the recent freestyle from Highrise member Dialect dropped (responding to Bilzars original diss) it was almost an absolute certainty that we were going to hear another from Minarmy member Bilzar and oh my what a response we got. This is the music video for his reply entitled "The Purge".

@ProphetZebadiah - Whiteness Green (Out Now)

Kent based artist/politician Zebadiah has always had an unorthodox approach to grime and creating his own music as previous releases such as Zion Place have already shown us. If you haven't yet heard of him then you will be yet to learn of his standing in his local election with his party "Al-Zebab Nation Of OOOG".

What may of initially started as a huge (and brilliant) Troll quickly became a very reasonable force and even had Ukip sweating for there seats. Regardless of his political ongoings, Zebadiah always brings something loud and outrageous with his music and this latest release "Whiteness Green" is no different.

Combining a vast knowledge of every subject you never wanted to hear about and a level 5 degree if offending and disgusting people, this record is definitely one to blast out at your local AA meeting on full volume. Catch productions from #KIPGANG producer Meenz, Erbal T, Mad Vybez and more among the modern day poetry of Prophet Zebadiah's chaotic ramblings.

This album is brilliant in its repulsiveness, put simply an album you'll love to hate. Long live the Prophet

@Rage_Artist1 - Self Explanatory (Music Video)

Tottenham based artist Rage has been keeping his music real for longer than most Mcs have had careers for and since Bugzy Malone took to Rage's ends to shoot his original Chip diss, Rage has been gunning for him. This is quite possibly the last nail in the coffin for Bugzy in this war of words as Rage turns up the heat!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

@TheGrimeReport - @BigNarstie Responds to @David_Cameron #PigGate

Im sure you've all heard about the recent news that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron is rumored to of stuck his length into the mouth of a dead pig and if you haven't already heard about it ill pass you over the BDL visionary and comic genius Big Narstie for the lowdown

@OfficialKozzie - @LordOfTheMics 7 Hype Session

After 3 years of tense, back and forth sends and aggression, Kozzie is finally stepping into the dungeon with Jaykae for one of the most eagerly awaited grime clashes in the last few years. This is definitely not one to be missed so make sure you aren't that one guy in every ones circle that doesn't have a clue what the rest are talking about!

@KOTRonalds - @PedroDontFlop Vs @MacSherryMusic

If you've liked our Facebook page or are remotely interest in uk battle rap you would of already seen a sneaky clip from the ongoings in this classic match up but if not then sit back with a beer and prepare to piss yourself laughing. These two battlers are arguably two fo the most viral uk rappers of 2015 and the geniuses over at King Of The Ronalds have gone and put them up against each other!

Long Live KOTR!

Grab your tickets for the next event HERE

SBTV - @Dialect1 - Bilzar, Raptor & More Diss

After Bilzar sent for him a few months back, Highrise representative and grime wordsmith Dialect has decided graced the SBTV lens to drop a complete fuckry! Dialect goes in on Bilzar as well as firing shots at Moshteam's newest member Raptor, Dont Flop affiliate Bamalam and many more!

Dont forget to catch Dialect featuring on our forthcoming #KIPGANG project dropping towards the end of this year and also catch him heading up the next Manchester Dont Flop event below!

Full event details HERE

@JammerBBK - Practise Hours (Episode 1)

The legendary Practise Hours is back in 2015 for a brand new set of videos on the genre that we all know and love. In this first episode Jammer speaks on his musical career, the history of our beloved uk Grime scene and even drops and exclusive freestyle from himself and veteran mc Ears!

@Sox_Invasion - @LordOfTheMics 7 Hype Session

Invasion Alert member and Birmingham resident Sox has always been hilarious and controversial in clashes and wardubs and this year is no different as he goes up against Female artist Lady Lykez. Im glad to see that Sox isnt holding back at all and is going into the clash guns blazing!

@P110Media - @BillyBoiArtist & @StrategyKi - You Dont Know The Half Of It (Music Video)

One of many releases to come from our team in the remainder of this year is this joint mixtape between Billy Boi and Strategy Ki entitled "You Dont now The Half Of It Volume 2". To start the warm up buzz for this release we dropped the visual for the title track via P110 Media!

@LadyLykez - @LordOfTheMics 7 Hype Session

If you look at the posts on this blog where i have posted music and videos by Lady Lykez before you will see that ive always rated her highly and have been saying she would catch any mc off guard in a clash. Luckily Jammer thinks so too and has put her up against Sox in this brilliant match up!