Saturday, 4 July 2015

@JohnBrownGrime - Snow Cones EP (Free Download)

Those of you who are regulars to our website now will know that this is the third release from American grime producer John Brown The Rebel that is dropping exclusively to us and this one may just be my favourite one yet!

You can still grab the previous two below so make sure you jump on this and the others!

Monday, 29 June 2015

@KingPMoney - Money Over Everyone 2 (Out Now)

Today marks the release of the follow up to the 2009 release "Money Over Everyone" by OG'z member and grime royalty P Money. "Money Over Everyone 2" is the start of a huge body of music expected to land from this versatile artist this year alongside numerous bookings at grime and drum & bass events,

Having not long released his "I Beat The Tune 2" project for free (grab it HERE) P Money has dropped this lengthy masterpiece on iTunes and i cant help but think that even if this release were free id still try to pay for it!

I continue to enjoy and support the career and journey of this brilliant uk artists and hope that you will do the same by purchasing this new release HERE

Sunday, 28 June 2015

@AKNFS - Little But Large 2 (Free Mixtape)

We are proud as always to exclusively bring to you the brand new hiphop mixtape from Sheffield legend and Scumfam General Ak!

To keep the fans happy until his next grime project and the next Scumfam project drops, Ak has put together this super sick hiphop mixtape which includes 15 brand new tracks. All music mixed and mastered by our producers So Real Sounds.

Featuring the likes of Tez Kidd, Medlei, Milks, Kdot, Avnt Grde and Bizz this masterpiece is the follow up to the original "Little But Large" mixtape which was dropped in 2010 and re released at the start of this year by us. See below for a list of the mixtapes we have release from Ak and grab them all for free!

Kerb Side @ 420 @RedEyeHeadshop Oxford! @JamieRokins @Rhymeskeemz @BigToastTPS @3FacesOfDeath & More

Anyone in the local area will know that Oxford's Cowley road carnival is taking place this coming weekend and to celebrate this are friend DR Erbz from Those That Know is throwing a big cypher full of hiphop mercenaries!

As well as an open mic cypher hosted by DR Erbz and Nikztar there will also be live performances from:

Inner Peace Records
Big Toast
Ollie Mac
3 Faces Of Death
Ash The Author
Nah Mean
and more!

Kicking off from 12pm outside 420 AKA Red Eye, Marston Street.

@DJJohneBravo - Run Up Ya Mout (Forthcoming @BrukoutRecs)

A lot of our viewers and ans wont know this guy but dont get it twisted Johne Bravo is a certified veteran. He has been grafting in our local drum & bass scene for longer than i can even remember and never dissapoints whether its production or live sets.

The above clip is a naughty little number produced by the man himself which is set for a release in August of this year via local label Brukout Recordings. Take in the tune and make sure you support it when it drops!

@KreptAndKonan - The Long Way Home (Official Documentary) @KreptPlayDirty @KonanPlayDirty

On the run up to the release of their official debut album "The Long Way Home", uk duo Krept and Konan have dropped this hour long documentary on their journey throughout the last year or so and the making of the album.

The album proves just how far these two young artists have come with collaborations from such names as Rick Ross, Jeremiah, Skepta, Ed Sheeran and more. We at KIP are really excited to hear the album and fully support the rise of this talented pair.

@Skrabl - Glass Dreams (Music Video)

Uk hiphop visionary Skrabl is back once again with a brand new visual from his latest release "Life Through Kaleidoscope Eyes" and what a fucked up little beauty it is. Now that previous sentence may confuse you but once you see the visual you will understand what i mean. 

The visual consists of some very convincing and horrific SFX make up and a plain but effective concept in which it becomes a beautiful body of work directed brilliantly by Richard Honey!

@LisaMercedez - Bullet (Music Video)

Heres the brand new visual for the latest single from female Warning Crew member and dancehall artist Lisa Mercedez! "Bullet" is the latest banger to come from this talented uk female artist, i notice on the video a lot of negative people are making stupid comments as usual but i guarantee that Lisa is one of if not THE hardest female dancehall artist coming out of the uk right now!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

@Gemini_LDN & @ShinobiiMusic - Suspects Unknown (Free EP)

Now im not sure about the rest of you but ive been eagerly awaiting the release for this EP for quite some time now, in fact ive been heavily anticipating its arrival since the day that Gemini publically announced it was in the making.

Most of you wont know that we have been watching and supporting Gemini for longer than most of you have been legal to drink, way back in the pre Dont Flop days when he was just another independent artist grinding in London.

We have witnessed the rising of this uk star from the very beginning and to sit here playing this EP right now almost gives me a sense of fatherly pride. Accompanying Gemini on his rise as a talented artist trying to get the praise he deserves has finally started to pay off in all aspects. With his career in battle rap booming (check out the latest battle above in which he bodies Unanymous) and his studio music delivering a high calibre of music, were starting to wonder if there is anything Gemini cant do!

Salute Gemini we see you and we will continue to support as long as you make music!

@Benofficial_LGN @LeftyLGN @ShoXstar @TerrorBliss @AnywayThaGod @BigzLegionnaire - Display Of Greatness (Music Video) @Delahayetv

Noe ive been following the rise of London based rap outfit Legionnaires since they first started to link up with our friends over at Delahayetv and one things for certain they always switch up the vibe. Having recently recruited local legend Benofficial into their collective they seem to have stepper up even more in terms of the new music!

This brand new visual for their track "Display Of greatness" is proof of that and once again Delahayetv come with another original, crisp visual to set off the track!

@JClarke_Ghetts - Esco's Spirit (Music Video)

Those of you that follow Ghetts and his music willl know that his latest release "Momentum" was an absolute masterpiece bringing back the previous name and presence of his former self "Ghetto". One of the standout tracks from said release was the track that he did over Rynsaman's "Rynnie Schmurda" beat which he titled "Esco's Spirit".

@ShadowShadow2 @KannanScumfam & @WaveyboyJam - Shiver (Net Video)

Im going to start this by displaying my absolute love and support of this track. Having looked on the video a lot of people seem to be hating on the fact that this track isnt your average P110 upload but i advise you to ignore the youtube trolls and blast it loud! Scumfam member Kannan linked up with Shadow and Jam1 for this huge banger entitled Shiver!

Free my brudda Kannan!

@URLTV & @GiftOfTheGabtv: @Shox2TheSystem Vs @GizmoDaMc

Those of you that are involved or keep up to date with battle rap and its culture will remember that not so long ago the first European URL card was put together and took place in London. This battle was said to be one of the main highlights of the event and that is proven by the fact that it has been dropped on the main URL channel! Highrise member Shox took the victory in our opinion but tweet us and let us know your thoughts!