Thursday, 30 July 2015

@RemmyMenno - Jailhouse To The Roads (Free Mixtape)

Birmingham veteran and one of the hardest hood rappers in the UK, RM has hit me up with his prison mixtape "Jailhouse To The Roads" to drop as a free download for you all!

Dont forget you can also download Last Of The Greeze HERE >


Sunday, 26 July 2015

FlowZone Clashes 17/07/15 (Clash By Clash Review)

Lady Shocker Vs Crimz

Anyone who keeps in the loop with the UK clashing scene will already know about Lady Shocker as she has clashed on pretty much every platform that there is and isn't afraid to face a male opponent in the slightest. Going into this clash i hadn't heard of Crimz so thought that Shocks would absolutely spin him. From the very get go in round one both artists are going head to head with attacking bars on set apart by the polished flow of Lady Shocker. A lot of Crimz lyrics seemed to be aimed towards Shockers sexuality which in clashing is fair ammunition but i personally just feel thats a subject that everyone uses when clashing Shocker and is kind of played out by now.

Rapidly into the second round and Crimz seems to sort his flow out a bit making it a bit more even but there's a turning point for me when Shocker comes with the bar "sorry who are you, tryna diss cuz im a lez fam, you are too, i swear down i get the most girls in here, you only see pussy when your with your crew" showing just how much experience she has gained from all of her previous clashes. 2 - 0 to Lady Shocker.

Final round Shocker kills it with a good Eastenders scheme but Crimz comes straight back with a good bar "your dead like left eye" and "your body im baggin like bilbo". By now Crimz has fully got into his stride and i cant help but feel if he had been as good in the previous two rounds the outcome of the clash could've been a very different one. Lady Shocker ends the clash on a high but this was definitely the closest round resulting in a draw, final score 3-1 to Lady Shocker.

Meta Vs Neonz

Now im sure that if you follow our team or have us on social media you will of heard by now that our artists and KIPGANG/Southdub member Meta was on this card up against Neonz. This was a highly anticipated clash and even in the lead up to the clash there was a whole lot of buzz surrounding it.

Round 1 starts off as expected no fucking about straight into the war and at this point in the evening the crowd sounds like its fully waved and enjoying the event. Neonz has a slight hiccup of slurring and spitting off beat but openly admits that he shouldn't of drank before the clash. Meta takes full advantage of this and brings out the trademark skippy flow that he delivers but having said that Neonz is an absolute genius for the hook he wrote to the "Got My Number" instrumental and im sure plenty of people left that night with that little hook in their head. First round i give to Meta (not on a biased thing just purely based on the fact that Neonz slurred and fluffed his bar)

Round two Neonz starts with an absolute flamer of a bar "Metaflow your not a roadman round here, ive never seen you in Portland jail" and seems to off cleared his head enough to get his bars out in a bit more of a concise manner than the first round. Meta seems completely unphased by Neonz and his bars and continues the onslaught of flow and precision with notable personal bars like "On road he don't collect no debts, he lets crack fiends give him blow jobs cuz at home he don't get no sex", after round 2 and calling it a draw im scoring it 2-1 to Meta.

Third round straight into the bars again, both Meta and Neonz are going at it now and the clash is definitely living up to the buzz that it promised. Neonz comes with a lot of direct personal bars but again i feel this clash could of been a lot better if he was sober and didn't stray off beat from time to time. final round in my opinion was also a draw which leaves the final score as 3-2 in favour of Meta, i feel if Neonz hadn't of cocked up his first round this clash could've of been a very hard clash to choose a winner from.

Jacka Vs Konflict

Personally id not heard of either of these two artists until this clash but im pretty confident in saying that im going to try and keep updated with both of them from now on. Both artists came with an on point flow and good direct bars throughout their whole clash but having said that i feel Jacka slightly edged it with his wordplay. 

The first round set the standard and at the end of it both artists were pretty level in terms of bars and crowd reaction making it in my mind a draw after round 1. Into the second round and Jacka seems to touch a few nerves as Konflict comes back sounding a little bit more edgy (which actually improves the impact of his flow) but my overall opinion is that Jacka takes round 2 making it 2-1. Round 3 is pure fire from the very get go as both artists go head to head in arguably the best round of the whole clash making it a hard one to score. My opinion is that the final round was a draw which would make the finally tally 3-2 to Jacka.

Palmer Vs Hazey

Unfortunately this is the shortest clash of the night but from the very opening seconds of this clash its clear that tensions are running high between these two artists. Im not 100% certain of any history or beef between these two but this clash is exactly why more up and coming clash platforms should be supported by the masses. 

First round both artists are clearly agitated and fueled up ready for the lyrical war but Hazey doesn't seem to be able to come correct with his mic presence making him sound a tad monotone when spitting as Palmer turns up the hype every time he touches mic. 

Second beat now and Hazey seems to completely lose the plot and let the pressure get to him as he seems rash and erratic with his verses leaving Palmer to take advantage by shelling down and getting the crowd reaction that's deserved.

Personally i feel that Palmer took the win from the clash as his bars were a lot more aggressive and direct but don't get it twisted Hazey didn't go down without a fight, he just let the pressure get on top of him,

@Drake - Charged Up (@MeekMill Diss)

So im pretty sure that everyone knows about the beef between Drake and Meek mill right now after Meek made a statement online about Drake's tracks being ghost written. This is the first official dub of the shenanigans as Drake takes to the booth to address it. Im not sure why its seen as a shock that Drake may have a ghsot writer as 85% of the mainstream music industry is a bunch of artists and rappers performing songs originally written by professional song writers but thats none of my business.

@JamieRokins @ETAnomaly @Rhymeskeemz @FloKirton - Unstoppable (Music Video) @Delahayetv

Filmed & Edited by S De la haye

This is the official music video for the brand new smash hit from the KIPGANG team entitled "Unstoppable". 

Produced by Sheffield's Ethan RYan, this track features Verses from Knowledge Is Power artist Society, American rapper ET Anomaly, local hip hop veteran Rhymeskeemz and the vocal talents of Flo Kirton on the hook.

Look out for the track dropping soon via Knowledge Is Power

Mixed & Masterd by Dotz

@Eminem 8 Minute Freestyle With @RealSway

Since he dropped MMLP2 a whole load of people have suddenly started to doubt the abilities of this absolutely legendary artist, claiming that he had sold out or had watered down his tracks. Eminem sticks one big middle finger up to any haters with this brand new 8 minute long freestyle straight off the dome!

@KdotShefftown - Undefeated (Music Video)

Some people have noted how little Scumfam member Kdot has put out since coming out of jail but i can guarantee that he has so much music under wraps that you wont be ready for whats coming! In this latest visual he drops the new track "Undefeated" produced by Mystry

@RozayMMRed - Fresh Out On Bail Freestyle (Net Video)

This is the new visual from Jabo Da Fat Boss filmed by AZae Productions and has made a bit of a splash on the net since dropping, even making it onto WSHH and being tweeted by a few big names!

@TerraMontana365 @BillyBoiArtist & @TM_NEGK - Bigger Boy Flow (Music Video)

This track features KIPGANG members Terra Montana, Billy Boi & TM destroying a beat produced by So Real Sounds.

Mixed & Mastered by So Real Sounds

Filmed and Directed By True Mobster Productions


@Eyez_Uk Ft JNR - Put Your Guns Away (Net Video)

Now ive got to admit ive never really known a whole lot about the Derby scene aside from the obvious Eyez, Mystic etc but this weekend has opened my eyes to a whole bunch of other artists out there doing their thing and putting in the work. One such artist is JNR, this visual is for a track featuring him and Eyez called "Put Your Guns Away". 

Look out for them appearing in the music video we shot yesterday for the new banger from Badz & Kannan coming very soon!

@JamieRokins #DLHTVXKIP [S4.EP5] @Delahayetv

One of the most known and respected urban series on youtube is back for its fourth season. Brought to you by DeLaHayeTV and Knowledge Is Power Promotions the #DLHTVXKIP series showcases some of the best talent our scene has to offer!

If you would like to be involved please contact us via email: or


Logo - Ben Mackay Designs
Intro Instrumental - Meenz
Intro VoiceOver - TM
Audio - Meta

@YoungMAmusic - Check Freestyle (Music Video)

Since her Chiraq freestyle first dropped and went viral, people have been absolutely gassed over female rapper Young MA and rightly so! This is the latest fire track and visual from her and ive got to say after grabbing her EP i cant wait for a full mixtape!

Check out what i had to say on her and her recent limelight HERE

@ManchesterHypes Ft @UncleMez - Scaredy Cat (Music Video)

Highrise general Manchester Hypes links up with Nottinghams up and coming artist Mez for this absolute smash "Scaredy Cat". Filmed on a productive day in studio this is one guaranteed to gt any dance bussin off!

@P110Media - @Tantskii - #1Take

Full Force ENT member Tantskii has been absolutely killing it since coming out of pen and we are really excited to hear what new music he has coming. After the recent shelling of NASS festival, P110 drop his 1take freestyle which is jam packed full of flames!

@IzzieGibbs - Swear Down (Music Video)

"Swear Down" is the latest track to drop from Izzie Gibbs taken from his forthcoming EP. Izzie has gone from strength to strength this year and continues to prove exactly why he should never be overlooked.

Friday, 24 July 2015

@NitroClack - Four (Free EP)

Talented young artist Nitro Clack from up in Sheffield has putting the work in recently with multiple appearances on Prizefighter, Clashes, Gigs and all sorts.

This EP consists of 4 brand new bangers from him ahead of his performance at Tramlines festival this saturday!