Monday, 31 August 2015

@Trappy_Uk - @LordOfTheMics 7 Hype Session

Its already been a busy year for Birmingham's Trappy with various videos, new music and a clash against Iamone on the recent Prizefighter DVD (See HERE) but now its onto Lord Of The Mics as he steps up against a previous opponent in Nottingham's Mez. This clash should be crazy!

@P110Media - @KannanScumfam - Scene Smasher

Anyone that knows us will also know that Kannan is a good friend and affiliate of ours and since he landed back on road we have been telling you of the fire he has ready to drop. After the recent success of Grime 2.0 (See HERE) Kannan hits up the P110 lads to lay down this absolutely crazy Scene Smasher over two riddims!

Look out for Revolution coming in October and dont forget to also check out the following new music from him

@IAmShystie - Eskimo Riddim Freestyle

So over the last few days the whole of the Twittersphere has been blowing up with the hashtag #UKGrimeCypher as everyone uploads 30 second clips of them spitting to their twitters, facebooks etc. Shystie has been slightly quiet lately but jumps on Eskimo Riddim to prove that she is still one of the hardest females in our beloved scene! I don't know about you lot but im extremely happy to see that she has still got those flames!

@Litz_CMG - 100 (Net Video)

Litz already has a very solid name for himself in the Nottingham scene and anyone that is clued up will already know his name but for anyone thats not yet aware, you need to slap yourself out of it and get involved. This is the brand new visual for his track "100" so check it out and look for a few more visuals coming very soon.

Dont forget to check out the freestyle we filmed with him where he goes HAM on Wileys "Im A Sinner" instrumental HERE

@DJBigBeatz1 B2B @MarvManPro Ft @DramahUk & More @Empire_LDN Bank Holiday Special

Heres last night's set from DJ Big Beatz Super Sunday show live on Empire LDN and this week he had #KIPGANG member and one half of SO Real Sounds, Marv Man alongside!

Shelly by Tempa T produced by So Real Sounds -

@UncleMez - @LordOfTheMics 7 Hype Session

Its no secret that Mez and Trappy have had a clash rivalry over the years including multiple clashes on Prizefighter but this time they step up to the Lord Of The Mics 7 stage to try and solve the issues. Please note that whoever edited this Hype Session HAS placed Mez off beat but it would be biased of me to not still blog it.

@MCCriticalC - I Aint Established (Music Video)

Critical C is fast becoming one of my most highly rated artists in the underground scene as he always comes with flammable flows and very conscious lyricism. This is the brand new visual from him and im excited to announce that very soon we will be releasing a brand new project from him so look out for that!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

@GRMPrizefighter DVD (Clash By Clash Review) @DJBigMikee


Those of you that follow us and anyone in general in the uk grime scene will know that the first Prizefighter DVD put together by Big Mikee and his team is now available to purchase and to celebrate that we thought we would review each clash, round by round to show you just why you need to grab this DVD!

As if the DVD alone wasn't enough of an incentive, it also includes a 22 track audio CD including 2 tracks from our artist and KIPGANG member Meta aswell as tracks from Vader, Flawzz, Row D, Flirta D, Forca, Trapz, Tantski and many more

Chucky Vs Flawzz

Round 1

This is one of the main clashes on the DVD that I was looking forward to, Chucky has been a round for a while and has been involved in sending all over the shop so it was pure anticipation when I heard that he was going up against Flawzz. Both of these artists kick off with straight fire from the get go but one of my faverate bars of the round is the scheme from Chucky that starts off "Flawz tried say he's 45 clapping, Mikee I don't believe that happened, your nans a roadman how'd that happen". Flawz draws a couple reloads throughout the first and I can honestly say at the end of this first round I'm going to have to call it a draw.

Round 2

As the second riddim (a naughty one from Jammz) comes in, the round kicks off just as it left on with both artists fully going in on each other. Flawzz spits a bar comparing Chucky to Sean Kingston which I can't lie, cracked me up differently but the great thing about this clash is that no matter how much each of the artists violate the other there's no hesitation just straight fire sent back and forth in a great rallying clash. Chucky has been a problem for a few years now but the notable point of this clash is how much Flawzz has progressed over the last year making this clash an absolute mental one. End of round two it's still level.

Round 3

I can't help think that this clash is possibly the best way to start off his DVD and proves that Midlands clash platforms have a lot more potential than they are given credit for. This clash is worthy of a slot on Lord Of The Mics, Words Are Weapons or any of the other clash platforms country wide but the one thing that Prizefighter has that the others lack is the legend that is Big Mikee. Mikee and his reactions to the bars is exactly how I find myself reacting throughout this close third round, both artists fully taking the piss now. The only thing that decides this final round is a few slight slip ups from Chucky but if it wasn't for that the whole clash would of been a draw. Flawzz takes it at the final hurdle 3 - 2

Firedon Vs PSolja

Round 1

It's been a while since Firedon has been about (Unless I've just not seen any of it) so it's good to see him active again and shelling the microphone. In this one he goes up against the guy that seems to be clashing in every UK league right now, Leeds representative P Solja. These two seem to have quite a similar style which makes this clash flow throughout as each artist violates their opponent in a lyrical war, equal scoring going into the second round.

Round 2

The start of this round shows just how much fun Both artists are having as they both laugh at one of Firedons bars and I've got to admit as much as I love a tense clash it's good to see people in it just for the sport and having fun. P Solja's first verse of this round is absolutely next level, bringing home usual banter but with his real and greazy style but don't it twisted, Firedon came with some next level funny shit about P's mum looking like Skrtel which had be drawing for the pause and rewind buttons. Second round I'm giving to P Solja on the strength of his lyrics, 2 - 1 to PSolja.

Round 3

Firedon comes with some hard bars in this round but when P Solja drops bars such as "Your the only black man that shops at Topman" from the very start you know it's due to be a sticky round and as Firedon hits back with bars like "I don't know why you act like a damn star, when Oxfam raise money for your grandma" it's evident that this clash is definitely one for the good viberz. Pure violation bars but nothing other than positive vibes and smiles on the faces of the clashers. Final round goes to Firedon making the final score 2 - 2

Iamone Vs Trapz 

Round 1

I've known about Iamone for a number of years now so it was good to see him resurface thanks to Prizefighter recently and with Trapz recently becoming one of my faverate up and comers from Birmingham, this clash was definitely looking to be a mad one. Iamone comes with a lot of good flows throughout the round but I feel he could of relaxed a bit and got a bit more personal with his bars, I feel like s lot of his content will be slept on due to his skippy flow. Trapz seems real comfortable riding the beat and comes back equally as sick as Iamone, the only difference being Trapz projection as he switches up flows and in seems to keep the round level with ease.

Round 2

Trapz kicks off the round with some good bars but Iamone comes with some brilliant bars that had me creasing up and even made Mikee draw for the rewind. Iamone has deffinetly improved a lot over the years, his flow is certainly very on point but I can't help but feel in this match up Trapz just seems way too comfortable in the warzone as he seems like he's not even trying. Having said that I do feel that Iamone wins the second round down to the content of his lyricism combined with his furious flow. 2 - 1 to Iamone

Round 3

Into the deciding round now and as IAmone starts it off he continues where he left off in he last round with some comical bars and fast paced flows but as Trapz vibes to the beat it's clear that these two MC's are both completely different styles but still manage to provided a very entertaining clash. As each of these artist spits my mind is going back and forth as to who is winning this round but Trapz seems to of saved his best schemes until last as he steps it up a gear. Iamone comes with some crazy skippy flow in this round but I feel again due to the fast pace of his bars he lost the chance to get real direct and personal. Trapz takes the final round leaving the final tally at 2 - 2

Jay3 Vs Hoopa

Round 1

Going into this clash I'd not heard much from Jay3 before but I do admit i know of Hoopa via the Nottingham based clash platform that was started by Ourselves and Kriptik called Headtop Sessions. Regardless of that I'm not one to be biased and was more than willing to give Jay3 an equal chance at winning the clash. Jay3 definitely impresses me and as both artists trade off I think this could possibly be the funniest clash on the DVD, both artists coming with some super peak bars in their own unique styles. For me personally Hoopa steams the first round just down to the shear comedy in his bars, some of them making me laugh to the point of tears.

Round 2

Second round and Jay3 starts off on fire coming straight out the gates gunning for Hoopa, I'm definitely going to keep an eye on him after this as he delivers some angry yet comical bars with a good solid flow and good projection. Hoopa seems completely unphased by Jay3 and his bars but as Jay ends the round on a high I'm going to have to award Jay3 the round. He came back with a bang in round two making this a sticky clash going into the third and deciding round

Round 3

This round is going to decide who takes the win in this brilliant clash and as Hoopa kicks it off he comes with a spitfire flow and some hard punches I've got a feeling this one may also be hard to score. These two artists are trading off with heavy weight blows in this final round, Jay3 still impressing me with every bar but Hoopa's descriptive bars are just too sick to take in once without rewinding. Just as I was starting to think Hoopa had taken the last round, Jay3 takes the absolute living with his last attack and for me steals the round completely. Very impressed with Jay3 as he takes the win 2 - 1

Izzie Gibbs Vs Kannan

Round 1

I was lucky enough to hear the audio from this clash whilst on a day of filming with Kannan and the Scumfam lads a few days after the clash took place so already this clash was one of the ones I really wanted to see. Scumfam and Invasion Alert are both leading teams in the grime scene both currently and throughout the last decade or more and always seem to be pitted against each other on clash platforms. At this moment in time Izzie Gibbs had not long been brought into Invasion Alert and came into this clash off the back of his Fire In The Booth so he arguably had a buzz to lose if he lost this clash. From the very start of this clash it's clear that these two artists are fully planning to slaughter each other, Kannan in my opinion absolutely taking the living with his flow and some super relatable bars. Izzie seems unphased by Kannans schemes in the first half but when he takes offence to one of Kannans bars things seem to heat up as Kannan steps into a next super level of violation. First round is definitely a draw

Round 2

Into the second round and Kannan is setting pace from the opening seconds with a mad skippy flow full of super peak bars such as "Why do you look like you survived abortion" and "you got a bottom lip like Joe Black, guess that's why ya names Islington". Izzie seems hyped up a lot more in this round but content seems to vary between relevant and irrelevant throughout, he addresses his Fire In The Booth and the hate he received for it which does help him save face. All I can say off the back of this clash is that the youth of grime today is levels above the youth of grime back in the day and for all us fans this is nothing but good news. Second round ends and it's still level between these two.

Round 3

Izzie starts the round by trying to remix Kdots flow but in my opinion falls short of making the most of starting the final round. Kannan comes back with some absolute flames and seems absolute set on taking the win which is even closer as Izzie remixes yet another flow (Villain) and it doesn't white have the effect it was meant to. Kannan seems so prepared for this clash and has brought some of his best content out for this last round and this is about to be proven by the way this clash ends. Izzie starts a scheme about his Fire In The Booth and Kannans comments towards it but this plays perfectly into Kannans hands as he unleashes the fury in his schemes. Mad icey flow and real direct aggression as e clash draws to an end and Kannan in my opinion wiped the floor with Izzie in this round. Don't get me wrong it could of been a different story if it wasn't for Izzie's failed attempts to remix other artists flows.

Grimsta Vs Brownz

Round 1

Brownz starts this first round seeming a lot more ready for this clash as Grimsta slightly fucks up a bar at the very start but as the round goes on Grimsta gains his composure and both mcs start firing at each other. As the round progresses i can see this turning into a naughty little clash as both mcs come with fully direct, personal bars at each other. Round 1 ive gotta give to Brownz due to Grimsta's shakey start.

Round 2

Yet again Brownz starts the round where he left off but Grimsta steps into his comfort zone as he starts to shell off, coming with some hilarious mum bars and schemes. Both of these artists seem to have a bit of bad blood between them as the room seems super tense during the clash. These two up and comers are definitely making the most of their opportunity and as the second round ends my personal opinion is that Grimsta had the better round and gave me the most joke.

Round 3

Going into this final round it really is anyone's clash at this point and the slightest thing could be the difference between losing and winning the clash. Half way through the round Grimsta comes with a bit of an antic as he starts showing the camera and people present a picture of Brownz from his Facebook, Now i agree a lot of it is just clash banter but i personally don't rate them kind of things. I feel like it was a bit of a bully angle to do that through Brownz round, if Grimsta had of done it in his own round i wouldn't of had an issue but i don't agree on trying to put a man off like that in a professional clash. Because of that i had to give the final round to Brownz making him the winner 2-1

Royal Rumble - Gdot Vs BdotU Vs Dre Vs Tdott Vs Nitro Clack Vs LZ Vs Ace Vs Swifty

This rumble is on a serious level of fuckry and every single artists involved comes with some brilliant banter and direct bars, i felt that because ive reviewed all the other clashes that you guys need to buy the dvd to find out about this one! Trust me its crazy

@SwiftzArtist - A Long Time Coming EP (Free Download)

Up and coming Sheffield based artist Swiftz has been putting in some decent graft lately with the outcome being this near flawless EP entitled "A Long Time Coming". Swiftz has even brought in a bunch of sick local northern artists such as Silence, MG, Scumfam member Ak and a few others so make sure you grab this right now and keep in the loop with the latest music this artist has to offer!

@ToryLanez - Westwood Crib Session

Canadian artist/producer Tory Lanez drops by Tim Westwoods crib whilst in the UK to deliver us some of that lyrical heat that hes well known for! I know a lot of our supporters rate him so feel free to get in touch and tell us your thoughts!

@WAWGrimeClashes - @ButchamanGrime Vs Vigilant

Anyone that pays attention to Words Are Weapons and the UK grime clashing platforms will know by now that both of these artists are heavyweights in the scene. Now just imagine the carnage that takes place when Butchaman and Vigilant go head to head in an all out grime war! Check out the video above to see the clash and what went down on the day!

Dont forget to grab Butchamans EP "1300 Sleepless Nights" HERE released via ourselves exclusively a few months back

@CallMeCadet - Fire In The Booth

Cadet is the latest in a vast wave of uk artists to make a real impact on our beloved scene and come out of the starters block firing on all cylinders. The latest achievement on his list is this brand new Fire In The Booth freestyle from him and we are definitely super excited for a possible mixtape or release from him very soon.

@Hopsin @JarrenBenton @DizzyWright - Free Meal (@HorseShoeGang Diss)

So recently, Hopsin and the Funk Volume team said they would put up $500,000 to take on any other rap team in a battle and the only team that came out and actually responded were Horseshoe Gang with THIS track. This is the reply from Hopsin, Jarren Benton & Dizzy Wright so have a listen to both and let us know who your backing!

@RameOfficial - Headshot Bars Remix Ft @MetaSouthdub @TM_NEGK & More

Rame is back with yet another banger in the form of the remix to his track Headshot Bars. For this absolute bar-fest he invited KIPGANG members Meta & TM alongside Creature, Jae Mann, Danja, Mish and Murkz to duppy a mad beat by J2S

Thursday, 27 August 2015

@ShadohMusic - Quality Control EP (Free Download)

Scottish artist Shadoh has been putting in the graft for a good few years now and after becoming aware of him earlier this year we are happy to announce that his new project has just landed!

"Quality Control" is his first Grime release and features our artists and KIPGANG members TM & Meta among a few others, in fact it even includes a sample of a voice note from our founder Jack Matthews on track 5!

Shadoh is easily one of the top artists in the Scottish scene right now and this EP only confirms it so make sure you grab it for free and support everything that this talented artist puts out! Also look out for a feature from him on our next KIPGANG release coming at the end of this year